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Imporatance of Gaya Shraddha or Pind Daan and Pitra Dosh Nivaran

It would be incumbent upon all sons to offer PIND DAAN(oblations) for the salvation of the soul of their ancestors. The soul could be freed from the agonies of Hell and sent to Heaven by performing Gaya Shraddha or Pind Daan in Gaya. From our Hindu Mythology,Its is believed that if any person departed from the earth,her soul is  wandering in earth here and there,and they did not get peace untill his any  family member is not visited gaya for performing Gaya Shradh or Pind daan for him, and it is also believed that if any person sacrifice his life by any means then he or she first of all enter the Preth yoni then enter the pitar yoni and after doing Pind daan Gaya or Gaya shraddham they got moksha under the foot of  Lord Vishnu in Gaya,And it is also signifies in Padma puran,Garud puran, and shri Bhagwat Gita. and it is neccesaary to perform Gaya shraddha or Pinda daan in Gaya from our Hindu Mythology .

Departed person had in search of that his family member will do the Gaya Pind Daan or Gaya shraddha for me after the yearly sraddha .And if the Gaya sraddha is not done after the yearly shradh of any person then the soul of person is not get peace and wandering in the universe,and the soul will give cursh to her family member and creating different types of difficulties to her parents or childrens like losses in business regularly,sickness of any people regularly,e.t.c and create difficulties in any type of Good Work,This is known as Pitra Dosh, so,from Hindus Mythology,any people of the family have to perform Gaya Shradh or Pind daan in Gaya for Pitra Dosh Nivaran pooja in Gaya Ji,And the every people who is belonging from Hindu culuture have to perform Gaya shradh or Pind daan in Gaya Ji for the salavation of their ancestors or to give peace to their ancestors and to send their ancestors under the foot of lord Vishnu. After doing GayaJi Pind Daan or Pind Daan vidhi in Gaya all the difficulties which their ancestors is creating are removed because the souls of their ancestors get moksha or peace under the foot of lord Vishnu,And their ancestors blessed him as well as help in the progress of the family.

Besides Rama,other Mythological personalities who visited Gaya for the Pind-daan purpose  are the Raja yudhistra,Bhisma Pitamaha, Marichi(Brahma’s son) and others.
Better Days for doing Gaya Pind Daan as well as Pitra Dosh Nivaran in Gaya

  • In Gaya, Pind Daan & Shraddha can be done all the year, But it is better to perform Gaya Shradh (Shraddha) or Pinda Daan in Krishna paksh (Amawasya or Andhera Paksh), And Acc. to Hindi Calendar in every month Two paksh Comes (Krishna paksh & Shukla Paksh).

  • During auspicious 18days Pitri Paksh mela which comes in Ashwin Month from Hindi calendar, Lakhs Of people Visit Gaya to Honour His/Her Parents or Ancestors By performing Gaya Pind Daan or Shradh ceremony in Gaya. The auspicious 18days Tri-Paksha Shradh or Pitripaksha mela comes in every year in the month of September or October.An estimated 6,00,000 to 8,00,000 pilgrims arrive in the Gaya city during the Pitri Paksh Mela for Gaya Ji shraddha or Pind Daan.

  • Acc. To Hindu Mythology & Gaya Mahatmya Pind daan Ceremony is performed or can be completed In One Day, Three days, Five days, Seven days, Nine Days and Lastly 18 days Shradh ceremony,

  • And Due to Shortage of Time & Busy-Fast Life, Most of the people perform One day Shradh (EkoDrsiti Gaya Shraddha) & People who want to perform Pind Daan ceremony in Good & Proper way, perform Minimum Three-Day Shardh (Vrihada Gaya Shradh)

  • And What No.of days He/She want to give for his/her Departed Ancestors or Departed Family Members,Totally depend on devotees or Pilgrims Shra-ddha towards Ancesotrs or Family Members.

  • The Shradh or Pind-Daan perform in GayaJI includes three Rituals:-
    1-Snana and sankalpa
    2-Pinda Daan

And In Gaya Ji, Types of Shraddha or Pind Daan is performed is Givev Below:-

  • Eko-Dristi Gaya Shradh
  • Vriahada Gaya Shraddha
  • Special Types of Shradh or Shraddha For Pitra Dosh Nivaran Gaya
Ekodristi Gaya Shraddha

Ekodristi Gaya Shradh is completed in 1days only.In Ekodristi Gaya Shraddha pilgrims have to cover only the three important vedis that is Falgu river(Niranjana, as mentioned in Ramayana), Vishnupad temple  and  The Akshavata.And if the deadth is abnormal then pilgrims have to also perform Pind Daan at PRETSHILA(hill),Gaya kup and Dharmaranya. And some of the people who have not time and want to do pind Daan in GayaJi for the salvation of the soul of their ancestors and freed from the agonies of Hell and sent to Heaven,they are performing Ekodristi Gaya Sraddha in lack of time.

To Know Pooja Samgri Required for EkoDristi ShradhClick Here

Vrihada Gaya Shraddha

In Vrihada Gaya Sraddtha Pilgrims have to cover 54vedis and the name of vedis are listed below where pilgrims have to perform Pind Daan.

To Know Pooja Samgri Required for Vrihada ShradhClick Here

And The 54Vedis or Places Names are Given Below:-

1.Pun-Pun 20.Rudrapada 39.Gajakaran
2.Falgu River 21.Brahmpada 40.Ram-Gaya
3.Brahma Kund 22.Vishnupada 41.SitaKund
4.Prethshilla 23.Kartikpada 43.Gayasir
5.Ramshilla 24.Dhadikhagni 44.Gayakup
6.Ram Kund 25.Garpashagni 45.MundPrista
7.KagBali 26.Ahabaniagni 46.Adi Gaya
8.Uttarmanas 27.Suryapada 47.Dhout Pada
9.Udichi 28.Chandrapada 48.Bhim Gaya
10.Kankhal 29.Ganeshpada 49.Go Prachar
11.Dakin.Manas 30.Sanyagnipad 50.Gada Loll
12.Jiwha loll 31.Yagnipada 51.Dud.Tarpan
13.Gajadhar Je 32.Dadhichipad 52.Baitarni
14.Sarswati 33.Kanna pada 53.AkshayBata
15.Dharmarany 34.Mat Gowapi 54.Gyatri Ghat
16.BodhGaya 35.ko pada
17.BramhaSarower 36.Agastha pada
18.Kagbali 37.Indrapada
19.Amrasichen 38.Kahsyapada
Special Types of Shradh or Shraddha For Pitra Dosh Nivaran Gaya

And The Special Type of Shraddha for removing Pitra Dosh in Gaya and to give satisfaction to the soul of people who died unnaturally are given below:-

  • Tirpindi Shradh :- Tirpindi Shradh is done for those people who died unnaturally, to remove Preth Badha,And after Tirpindi Shradh all the Dificulties which is creating by ancestors or family member who died unnaturally is removed and This Shradh is very important for Satisfaction of Soul who died Unnaturally,
  • To Know Pooja Samgri Required for Tirpindi ShradhClick Here


  • Naranyan Bali Shradh :- Narayan Bali Shardh is done to remove Pitra Dosh and Narayan Bali ritual is done to Satisfy the soul of ancestors and deadth people whose soul is wandering here and there in the world,And For getting Satisfaction the ancestors give Dreams to their Family Member,then Naranyan Bali shradh is done or When People have Pitra Dosh In his Kundli or Horoscope, And all the difficluties is removed which is obstrution in any type of good work due to Pitra Dosh,
  • To Know Pooja Samgri Required for Narayan-Bali ShradhClick Here


  • Naag Bali Shradh :- After the deadth of any people,When soul of the People enters in Naag Yoni and They take the shape of Snake or Naag,and comes in snake shape in the dreams of his Family Member,then Naag Bali Shradh is done.


  • Kalsharpyog Pooja :- When any Person have Rahu and Ketu Present in his Kundli or Horoscope then the happiness is lost from his life and the People goes downward and downward in any aspect of life and Life of the People is under the influence of Deadth, then Kalsharpyog Pooja is done in GayaJi to remove Kalsharpyog Dosh from his Kundli or Horoscope,
  • To Know Pooja Samgri Required for KalsharpYog PoojaClick Here

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