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How To Perform Pitra-Aahwahan Before coming To Gaya For Pind Daan Purpose
Devotees or Pilgrims have to arrange this items For Pitra-Aahwahan Pooja as well as Pitra-Aahwahan Vidhi is Explained below:-
  • Little Amount of Ganga Jal, Small Deepak of Mithi or Soil, Little Amount of Ghee to Fill Deepak, one Piece Mauli (Pooja Thread)
  • Arrange Coconut or Narial,Coconut Type will be which be use in Hawan (Jata Laga hua Narial jo Hum log Hawan me Dalte hai), Half-Metre white or Red Cloth, Five times Rice which we can handle in our Palm or Muthi (5 Muthi Chwal) & One Supari.

First Of All, Light up the Deepak infornt of Ur Pitra Place in Home or In Mandir either In Home or Outside then pour Ganga-Jal on land where u will perform Pooja and Put the Deepak on the Land where u Pour Ganga-Jal then Take The white or Red Cloth then put 5 Muthi or Palm Rice or Chawal in cloth along with supari & Rs 11 or 21Rupees Daksina make a knot (Githa), then cover the cloth on Coconut or Narial, Then Tighten the cloth and Narial together with Mauli (Pooja Thread).
And After That pray ur Ancestors or Departed Family Members as well as God infront of Place where u performed all this Procedure, That I m Moving to Gaya Ji for Pitra Moksha Gaya and To perform Pind-Daan ceremony plaese Support me and Help me in the way that I reach Gaya Successfully and perform Pitra Pooja succesfully.

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