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People belonging to Hindu Culture or Sanatan relegious society, mainly visit GAYA for PINDDAAN or GAYA SHRADDTH purpose,

We are the main GAYAWAL PANDA (Brahmakalpit Brahman) Purohit in Gaya or Pandit of Gayaor PREIST of GAYA, and we provide PIND DAAN or GAYA SHRADDTH as well as Pitra Dosh Nivaran services for people belonging from HINDU culture or Sanatan Relegious society in any parts of the world, and we will provide you the best service & you will be fully Satisfied by us,

And the related service with GAYA PIND DAAN or GAYA SHRADDTH as well as Pitra Dosh Pooja in Gaya,we provide are as follows:-

1. Lord VISHNU Shodshi Pooja in VISHNUPAD MANDIR in Gaya Ji :- In this puja, Milk is pour drop by drop on the Foot of Lord VISHNU in VISHNUPAD TEMPLE,

2. TULSI Puja in VISHNUPAD MANDIR in Gaya :- In this puja, Leaf of tulsi tree is pour on Foot of Lord VISHNU in VISHNUPAD Temple one by one through mantra or by speaking one Thousand different name of Lord VISHNU one by one(it means by taking one leaf of tulsi tree in hand together with one name of lord VISHNU then the leaf of Tulsi tree is pour on the Foot of Lord Visnu),


People Who is interested to oraganize BHAGWAT KATHA, PITRI GAYATRI,PITRI SANGHITA & GAYA MAHATMA KATHA in your city or colony or home or In GayaJi then contact us and we will provide you the best service,

4.And For any type of query and explanation about travelling Gaya and further to continue tour to other destinations after travelling Gaya contact us directly on given contact information in Contacts Page.

And if any People interested to donate in loving memory of his ancestors or any departed family members  for the welfare Purpose contact us on given contact on contact page,

And Any types of Pitra Dosh Donation & Pitri Matri Shraddha Donations will be accepted and This donation will be used in Dharamshala Nirman for the devotees who is coming to GayaJi for Pinddaan or shraddth Purpose,

Our Main aim is to provide the best services to devotees who is coming to GayaJi for PindDaan or Shraddth purpose but for this we need support of people belonging from Hindu Culture or Sanatan Relegious Society from all parts of the world in the form of Donations for Dharamshala Nirman and for the betterment of services for Devotees in GAYAJI,and In this Dharamshala people can stay free of cost and Devotees will get better services than the other Dharamshalas in GayaJi and if any people interested in this good and relegious work to give donations for the betterment of services for people or Devotees who is coming to GayaJi for Pinddaan or Shraddth then support us by giving some welfare purpose donations,

IMPORTANT:- If you are interested to give  welfare purpose Donation  in loving memory of your ancestors or Departed Family members then we accept, so donít hesitate to visit GayaJi for Pind Daan or Shradh purpose by contacting us,

And the account information for accepting welfare purpose donation (within India or Outside India) through direct transfer or through Net BANKING are as follows:-

ONKARNATH JI ( Pital Kiwar Wale)

Account Number:- 4211000036942
Account Holder:- Onkar Nath Gupta
Name of Bank:- HDFC, Gaya Branch
IFCS CODE:-   HDFC0000421
MICR CODE:-   823240002

And the information for accepting welfare purpose Donation from (Outside India) are as follows:-

Devotees can send money from the Western Union Money transfer to us. For this send money with the following information :

    • Recepient Name:- MAHESH LAL GUPTA
    • Recepient Address:- (Head Post Office) Pital Kiwar, Bahuar Chaura, Nr.Tilha Dharamshala, GAYA-823001, BIHAR, INDIA
    • Phone Number :- 0091 9835088759

And please mail us the nine or ten digit code you have received from your branch along with your address and name at pitalkiwar@gmail.com

NOTE:- And Please inform us via phone or E-Mail before or after transferring any donations to the account,for the list entry in Dharamshala Nirman Donation or any type of donations.

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